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Whether you come from History, Archaeology, Literature, Computer Science, Media, Geography, Languages or any other field, our interdisciplinary team supervise a wide range of research projects combining digital methods and technologies with Humanities-based questions.

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Excellence & Research

The students involed with the DHRC are developing cutting-age approaches within exciting research topics.

Ben Wills-Eves a PhD student in the Department of History and Archaeology at the University of Chester. His research focuses on the interplay between contemporary cultural heritage and the archaeology and memory of sites and objects. He aims to explore new methodological approaches for cultural heritage within digital humanities, especially looking at network analysis and the visualisation of archaeological memory.

Yibo Fan is a graduate visiting student at University of Chester. His research interests include MOOCs, blended and informal learning. He is working with teachers to integrate WeChat with Moodle in order to create a mobile learning environment for students, thus improving students’ learning efficiency. Also, Yibo has been a major participant and contributor in the development of a Chinese MOOC named “English Teaching and Internet“.

Gary Duckers is a PhD student and Visiting Lecturer at the Department of History and ArchaeologyFaculty of Humanities, at the University of Chester, UK. His current research focuses on change and transition in the border landscape of the Northern and Central Marches, with an emphasis placed upon the utilisation of LiDAR data and synthesis of digital datasets to study the early medieval period.

Mary Lennon is an Archaeologist and GIS Specialist studying for her masters in Geographic Data Science at the University in Liverpool.  Her primary research interests are in using spatial technologies and statistical computing software to investigate settlement patterns, trade networks, resource procurement, and other political and social trends.  She is involved in the development of two new research projects at the DHRC in collaboration with the History and Archaeology Department at Chester.